2019 recap...

2019 was an exciting year....I bought a new camera and lenses and with the aid of the new gear, my photography and shooting style took on a whole new look as I embarked on lots of early morning sunrise photoshoots, a mid year Astrophotography workshop and a range of other projects involving photography and videography.

For such a long time all i wanted to do was make movies, and then with the arrival of the new gear, suddenly my love of photography grew, as did my obsession with it and I embarked on a mission to be better with every shot I took.

I also travelled to the Great Ocean Road in May, experiencing the very worst that the southern ocean has to offer as a cold front originating from Antarctica travelled north towards the shipwreck coast and kept the temperatures and visibility of the area at its lowest. But despite the conditions, it was an amazing experience to visit Victoria and travel by motorcycle to some of the most rugged places on our coastline.

Astrophotography at Fingal, NSW

The following shot is one of my very favourites from the year, and was taken during a July 2019 Astrophotography workshop at Fingal Head, NSW with the amazing Larissa Dening and her workshop partner in crime Stephen Waller

I had been a huge fan of Larissa's work for over three years and to finally attend one of her workshops, and meet her in person, was a dream come true!! In addition to the lighthouse shot, I also captured an image of me perched atop a cliff hanging over the raging dark ocean beneath me, and amazing experience.

An added bonus to this workshop was discovering afterwards that my Great Great Grandfather built the the lighthouse back in the 1800s and was the first lighthouse keeper there. More on that coming soon in an upcoming doco.

lots of light and beauty..

In addition to astro, portraits and boxing events, probably my favourite shots of the year were landscapes. i had a lot of early (before 4am) starts and was able to capture some truly amazing images.

to purchase prints and canvases of my landscape images, head on over to the Landscapes gallery